Pakistan’s first golf-residential gated community, Lake City Golf Estate consists of an internationally designed landscape architecture that defines a class of its own. Lake City is located at 13-KM Raiwind Road, an extension of the Metropolitan Lahore – away from the conventional city noise, pollution and the narrow streets. In the past ten years, a gradual and consistent raise in the value of property in this area coupled with the readily increasing number of families moving in to Lake City has made this society one of the best places to own real estate in Lahore.

Designed by Phil Ryan, PCD Australia, Lake City Golf course is one of the most unique and well-established golf courses to have ever been built in Lahore, and is incredibly popular among players as well as spectators for providing an eco-friendly environment. In accordance to that, the Lake City Golf Estate was established with the primary objective of providing Lake City residents all of these features, i.e. a signature lifestyle, which gives you an essence of “A World Within”. With a breath-taking view from Ring Road Interchange, the Lake City Golf Estate comprises of some astounding state-of-the-art facilities such as luxury golf-view apartments and penthouses, 24/7 uninterrupted power supply, some majestic lakes, and the lush green PGA standard 18-hole night-lit golf course itself.

Lake City Golf Club Memberships are yet to be extended to the general public and will be issued once the applicants adhere to all the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that Lake City has mentioned as per the selection criteria for acquiring the membership. With an extraordinary living environment such as one that Lake City provides, surely, all of you who are looking forward to acquire a piece of land and/or build a fabulous home for themselves would find the Golf Estate to be the perfect place to do so.

Well, guess what? Now is the time for action. Lake City is proud to announce its latest scheme to give you an opportunity to acquire a chunk of its most prized possession.

Presenting THE GOLF ESTATE III – A symbol of sophisticated living – now brings 2 and 4 Kanal plots that you can acquire on the basis of an installment plan that is mapped out for the upcoming 2.5 years. With a mere 20% Down Payment and 10 additional Quarterly Installments within 2.5 years, you can join hands with us and invest in a project that our team of experts evaluate to be very promising in terms of monetary value in the foreseeable future.

If you take into consideration the immense increase in the value of land in other golf properties in the previous years, you will witness that we, being the Official Agent of Lake City, have always benefitted our clients with a secured rate of return upon our clients’ investments. The following table renders the exact figures to be paid, for 2 and 4 Kanal properties, respectively.

Have a look: –

DOWN PAYMENT 20,000,000/- 40,000,000/-
1st Quarter 8,000,000/- 16,000,000/-
2nd Quarter 8,000,000/- 16,000,000/-
3rd Quarter 8,000,000/- 16,000,000/-
4th Quarter 8,000,000/- 16,000,000/-
5th Quarter 8,000,000/- 16,000,000/-
6th Quarter 8,000,000/- 16,000,000/-
7th Quarter 8,000,000/- 16,000,000/-
8th Quarter 8,000,000/- 16,000,000/-
9th Quarter 8,000,000/- 16,000,000/-
10th Quarter 8,000,000/- 16,000,000/-
Total Payment 100,000,000/- 200,000,000/-