In the past five years, Lake City has emerged as one of the top and the most profitable housing schemes in Lahore. We are located at 13-KM Raiwind Road, an extension of the Metropolitan Lahore; away from the conventional city noise, pollution and the narrow streets, Lake City has been established with the primary goal of providing luxury living which gives you an essence of “A World Within”. We are widely regarded by our clients and investors for securing a steady rate of return on investment, as well as ensuring a gradual increase in the value of property. This factor is the ultimate motivator for us to continue our efforts to bring you properties that no other agent provides. As the Official Agent of Lake City, Consult n Deal now brings you an opportunity that you would not want to miss out on. As we enter Lake City from Ring Road Interchange, and follow through the 150 ft. main boulevard, it leads us to the main entrance of Sector M-8 (5, 7 Marla Plots) which, at present, consists of four block, A, A-1 (7 Marla) and B-1, B-2 (5 Marla). Lake City Sector M-8 was recently allotted possession and has now become one of the fastest growing sectors of the society. Owing to its enduring infrastructure, lush green parks, and clean air, Sector M-8 can easily be considered as the best place for you to build the home of your dreams. The latest scheme launched by Lake City is that of a 5 Marla plot which you can now acquire on the basis of a 3-year installment plan. Considering the current market price here at Lake City, if you were to buy your plot on cash-basis, it would cost you anywhere between Rs.7-8 million; even more for category plots. However, as the official consultant of Lake City, we ensure that we’re able to figure out a way for our clients to benefit from the amazing offers that Lake City brings forth. This new scheme has been introduced in/as Sector M-8 Block C, and possession in this block will be allotted in a time-span of 3 years. You can avail the opportunity to acquire this 5 Marla plot for a price of Rs.6, 600,000/- in total. As mentioned above, this price is far less than the current market price, which indicates a positive growth ratio in the value of land. Furthermore, it can easily be predicted that by the time the installment plan concludes, the then market price of 5 Marla plots would have risen considerably. Hence, you may sell your property and instantly gain a profit of Rs.1.5-2 million. Offer me a better rate of return on investment, I’ll wait… Further details regarding the investment plan are mentioned below: –

DOWN PAYMENT 31-MAR-21 1,000,000/-
1st QUARTER 30-JUN-21 500,000/-
2nd QUARTER 30-SEP-21 500,000/-
3rd QUARTER 31-DEC-21 500,000/-
4th QUARTER 31-MAR-22 500,000/-
5th QUARTER 30-JUN-22 500,000/-
6th QUARTER 30-SEP-22 500,000/-
7th QUARTER 31-DEC-22 500,000/-
8th QUARTER 31-MAR-23 500,000/-
9th QUARTER 30-JUN-23 500,000/-
10th QUARTER 30-SEP-23 500,000/-
Total Payment 6,000,000/-

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