Sector M2


Lake City Sector M2 is one of the earliest, most well-established sectors of Lake City. It offers 1 Kanal properties. Consult n Deal takes pride in being the company responsible for the area’s popularity among Lake City residents. This block offers easy access to the Lake City Main Boulevard as well as some premium location plots (Corner/Facing Park). Property prices in this sector were below PKR 20 million until last year. However, as of February 2021 – owing to government regulations promoting real estate – plot prices have skyrocketed. People have earned huge profits in recent years upon their investments in Lake City Sector M2.

Pricing Details

We have played an essential role in bringing about a slow yet gradual increase in the value of land in M-2 via its trading and investment activities. For over half a decade now, Lake City Sector M2 has consistently flourished and shown an upward trend is the demand for 1 Kanal plots. At present, a single plot in Sector M-2 will cost you anywhere between 2.25-2.5 Cr, depending on the exact location of the plot.


In compared to other blocks offering 1 Kanal properties, prices in M-2 are relatively lower. The sector offers an evergreen atmosphere and community parks where people come to get a breath of fresh air. Roads are well-structured, and all of Lake City’s state of the art facilities are available nearby. These facilities include the Lake City Mall, restaurants, as well as the commercial lane on Lake City Main Boulevard.