Lake City Sector M7 Update


Accessible from the Lake City 150 ft. main boulevard, Sector M-7 is among the developed sectors of Lake City in terms of residence. The sector offers residential plots as well as Lake City Designer Villas and constructor built homes ranging from 5 Marlas to 12 Marlas, the M7 sector also has to offer great investment opportunities as well as residence in the following blocks: –

  • M-7 Block – A
  • M-7 Block – B
  • M-7 Block – C
  • M-7A
  • M-7B
  • M-7C-1
  • M-7C-2
  • M-7C-3
  • M-7C-4

Since its inception, it has raised the bar in terms of people’s standard of living; the way of life here exudes comfort and solace, which is the biggest determinant of a sharp increase in the number of families that have moved here, more specifically sector M-7, each year since 2015. More than 5,000 resident families enjoy a 24/7 supply of electricity, a solid infrastructure, sound security, and other state-of-the-art facilities



Sector M-7, block-C was launched back in 2015 and has four blocks: M-7C-1, M-7C-2, M-7C-3, and M-7C-4. M-7C-1 and M-7C-2 consist of 5 Marla plots, M-7C-3 provides 7 Marla plots, and M-7C-4 is divided into two parts, a 5-marla as well as a 7-marla block. Installment plan for the M-7C block came out at Rs.1, 900,000/- in 2015.


The monetary value of property on this piece of land has since grown at a considerable pace. As of January 2021, 5 Marla plot prices in Lake City Sector M7 start from a minimum of Rs.4.2 million. Hence, a brief insight in the over two folds investment gains over a brief period of 5 years.

Current Status

M-7C continues to grow exponentially and possession is this sector is expected to be allotted by the end of 2021. Along with residential facilities, investors also have enormous opportunities to earn big money by investing in Sector M-7C due to the fact that possession here is yet to arrive and once it does, there will be a significant increase in the value of each on-ground plot. Additionally, the real estate market here ensures its customers a gradual and timely increase in the value of their property, thereby, making Lake City the best real estate market of Lahore for both short and long-term investments because of its price stability. Lake City – “INVEST IN THE BEST.”


The 150 ft. main boulevard of Sector M-7 connects onto Sector M-8; sector M-8 consists of 5 and 7 Marla plots and was recently allotted possession; construction has officially begun.

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