Scarsdale International School Lake City

Learning Environment

Scarsdale International School (SIS) is a co-education based English medium school in Lahore, Pakistan. It’s listed as one of the official testing centers for Cambridge International Examinations and recognized on a global scale. The school offers O-Level examinations as well as the American High School Diploma program. Classes here begin from preschool level, and go up to elementary and secondary education. SIS symbolizes providing high quality education in Pakistan with teachers giving individual attention to students within each class. The SIS mission is helping students reach their maximum potential and be more productive both inside and outside the classroom. Students have access to the internet, fully equipped laboratories, library, cafeteria, sports facilities and various other exciting co-curricular activities.

Learning Management System (LMS)


The learning management system (LMS) is an online system that enables distance learning within a website or web space. Schools can maintain their online services which can be monitored anytime. The software provides management tools, as well as online training for easy understanding of the admin department. SIS team is specialize in research and development, who are working to enhance the online learning experience through the LMS. The customized distance learning requires careful consideration of factors that determine the content that needs to be made for the students. SIS carries its tradition of strong academic values with a friendly on-campus environment for students to feel comfortable there-in.

New Campus

Scarsdale International School is opening its new campus in Lake City Lahore. Lake City is approachable from Ring Road Lahore as well as Raiwind Road. It’s one of the best places for you to reside and ensure your children’s future. Lake City’s state of the art facilities prove its worth in terms of international standards of living. Be sure to check out our website for further details.

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